Savanna Restaurant focuses on providing a delicious breakfast, lunch, brunch 7 days a week 7am-3pm in a pleasant atmosphere and with quality products and service. In our menu you will find inspirational dishes with fresh ingredients, along with a selection of delicious coffee and natural juices. Our dishes are made to order and you will always find unique and creative meals to try, such as our Ecuadorian flavored Llapingacho benedict, Motepillo and more you will also find our tasty homemade sauces. Come try us and enjoy a Great experience.

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We know the importance of each ingredient, and we effort to carry to te table all the properties of a good food  at the same time of bring to your senses all the emotions. 


There are a lot of restaurants in the city of Chicago, all of them with committed people, maybe we share the passion for cooking  although we feel that our main interest in the whole experience of our customers doest have compares